Minibus Operators to enforce ‘pay as you enter’ requirement, route 32 gets new fare structure


joint Press Release 003[] – Minibus Operators are being urged by the united minibus union and the combined Road Transportation Association to enforce the pay as you enter requirement (by law) for passengers.

Likewise passengers are being advised to board buses that display current and new fare structures.

The United Minibus Union and the combined road transportation association in a statement on Wednesday (December 4) said they met on October 10, where they initiated and cemented a cordial relationship which culminated in an agreement to speak with one voice on matters related to minibus service providers, commuters and other stakeholders.

The release added that many concerns common to minibus operators were ventilated which included contentious and burdensome fare imposition the route 32 commuters have to bear.

The two jointly agreed on a ‘reasonable’ fare structure for the route 32 minibuses which takes immediate effect.

The two bodies say even as they support the increase in bus fares it remains committed as a unit to arrive at consensus fares that will benefit all stakeholders and the nation as a whole.



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