Minibus driver gets 2 years jail for causing death of pensioner

Seekumar Singh

Seekumar Singh, the drunken driver who allegedly drove recklessly on September 19, 2017, on the Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) public road, causing the death of pensioner, Basil Rambarran, 66, was today (Tuesday) jailed for two years for the offence.

Seekumar Singh

Singh, 45, had his sentence handed down to him by the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan.

His Attorney, Lloyd Conway pleaded for leniency, for his client, noting that Singh since the incident has cooperated fully with the Police.

He also reminded the Court that the accused attempted to save the life of the deceased after he was struck, by quickly rushing him to the hospital.

Magistrate McLennan considered the prevalence of the offence and thus delivered the 2 years sentence.

The accident occurred at about 16:45hrs on the day in question, as Rambarran was heading home from work.

According to Police reports, the minibus driver was at Herstelling, heading towards Timehri, when the cyclist Rambarran crossed the road in the path of the oncoming minibus and the collision resulted.

Singh was subsequently arrested when he failed a breathalyser test that found in excess of the legal limit of alcohol on his breath.

Rambarran had succumbed to multiple injuries, according to the post mortem examination report.



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