Minibus carrying over 50 persons, including policeman crashes in Essequibo


[]A minibus on the Essequibo Coast, transporting some 50 school children and several adults, including a policeman, reportedly turned turtle,  however there were no fatalities.

Reports coming out of Region Two indicated that sometime around 8:00h on Tuesday September 24, the overloaded minibus heading to Charity, hit a small cruiser vehicle on the Andrews public road, toppled and plunged into a trench.

Eyewitness reports noted that the bus was traveling at very fast rate when it collided with the cruiser driven by a woman of Somerset and Berks Village. Many public spirited citizens who rushed to the scene, helped pulled the children to safety. Several suffered minor injuries.

According to reports, a Police Officer who was in the overloaded bus was rushed to the Charity hospital for medical attention.

Residents who gathered at the scene of the accident said it is very surprising to see a member of the law enforcement sitting in a speeding bus that wa     s overloaded without taking actions to arrest the driver and conductor.

Residents are calling on the traffic department of the Police “G” Division (Essequibo) to stamp out the lawlessness of speeding and overloading of mini buses on the Coast.




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