Miner remanded over murder of Port Kaituma youth


A miner was on Monday arraigned for the murder of a Port Kaituma, Region One (Barima-Waini) youth.

The charge was read to 21-year-old Jason Howard of Four Miles Port Kaituma, North West District, by Magistrate Dellon Bess.

It is alleged that on December 24, 2019, at a shop located in the Four Miles area, Howard murdered 19-year-old Neville Moonsammy.

Inews had previously reported that Moonsammy was in the company of his father and a friend when they were attacked by a group of men.

Reports are that the trio was imbibing at a shop located in the Four Miles area, and at about 20:00h on Christmas Eve 2019, the youth’s father became intoxicated, and they all left to go home.

According to the dead man’s father, they were talking to two females along the Four Miles Access Road when his son, who had been standing a short distance away from them, ran towards him, holding his bleeding left hand.

Within minutes, a number of men reportedly attacked Moonsammy and stabbed him to his face, while another wounded Moonsammy’s friend along his forehead and nose.

The suspects made good their escape, and the injured trio ventured to the Port Kaituma Community Hospital, but by the time they arrived, the teenager was already dead.

Magistrate Bess remanded Howard to prison and the Preliminary Inquiry will commence on February 2, 2021.