Min. Whittaker calls for an end to Plaisance protest; meets with Councilors of IMC



Minister Whittaker during the meeting with the Councillors.
Minister Whittaker during the meeting with the Councillors.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following days of protest action by residents of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker met with Councilors of the Industry/Plaisance Interim Management Committee (IMC) to discuss the issues relating to the protest action.

According to a press release from the Ministry, Whittaker addressed two main issues affecting the communities: that of land situation in Plaisance Backlands (being given to private developers) and the appointment of the Overseer.

In response to the land issue matter, Minister Whittaker said, “this issue does not fall under the purview of Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. The protectors are ill-informed and that the lands in question fall under the Guyana Sugar Co-operation.”

Residents of Plaisance during their recent protest action.
Residents of Plaisance during their recent protest action.

As it relates to matters concerning the appointment of the Overseer of the Industry/Plaisance NDC, Minister Whittaker said that the Ministry advertised the vacancy for an Overseer in all the newspapers for several days and that the recruitment process was in keeping with the Ministry’s hiring protocol.

According to the Ministry’s release, Whittaker is calling on the residents to bring an end to the protest and for peace and calm to be restored in the community.



  1. Whether Town Clerk or Overseer, no local government appointments should be done by the Minister, only the LG Commission can. That is what the Chief Justice ruled! As for the lands under dispute, this will likely be settled in court if there is no political compromise!

  2. I hope these folks bring closure to their concerns.
    There are people dying like flies all over the world and here they are fighting for estate lands.

  3. pnc at its very best…march…then..protest….protest..then march…ask them what they protesting…they dont know…ask dem why they marching…they say “awee ruler tell awee fi maach suh awee ah maach” nothing mo to these people..


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