Min. Patterson not in favour of Polygraph policy at GEA

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

[www.inewsguyana.com] – After receiving complaints from staffers at the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson is set to introduce a memorandum to cabinet to ascertain government’s position on polygraph testing and whether the practice can be ditched.

Patterson told reporters at a press conference on Saturday, August 08 that the staffers at GEA complained of the pass rate and the fact that the questions were general hence they could not be construed to infer any misgivings on the part of staff members.

The Minister indicated that since polygraph testing was introduced in 2009, some 72 tests were done with thirty-six persons failing to pass the lie detector test.

Those thirty-six persons in addition to another two were relieved of their duties at GEA. The additional two were dismissed after they objected to taking the polygraph.

“After discussions with the GEA they are of the opinion that the polygraph testing is necessary and helpful. They were unable to provide any empirical data but noted that there was a reduced number of complaints or evidence of fraud,” said Patterson.polygraph

He said that the results of the tests have left a permanent scar on the records of those dismissed, noting that polygraph testing is not a recognized legal way of informing on factual events.

“They also complained that they never saw the results of the tests…the results went directly to former HPS Dr Roger Luncheon and then forwarded on to the CEO of GEA with recommendations,” said Patterson.

When asked about his personal opinion on the issue, Patterson stated that he does not believe that polygraph testing is the best option.

“I find it difficult to see how that can be an assertive way to determine if anybody is credible or not,” said Patterson who noted that greater supervision and staff rotation may curb corruption.



  1. This administration have no issue of sending people home why is the minister seeking to scrap the process seems he have things to hide already. Why not refine the questions?

  2. This act was an evil one done by mr sharma He has to go not because his fathers party is part of the coalition he wasn’t .

  3. I agree with the sentiments express here, the Sharma at GEA should not escape sanctions for the way he went about selectively choosing who should and who should’nt be subjected to the damn so polygraph test. It was done to persons whom he and the criminals decided who they want to get the rid of. Now is his turn to get fired forthwith. What is going on here? He was a candidate for the PPP, and soldier boy has said that you can’t be a public servant and a politician at the same time. We’re waiting with bated breath.

  4. From the Parliamentarians right down to the Public S
    Servants should take the test. Too much corruption in public offices.

  5. Why is GEA boss still at GEA??? He was on the PPP list and on public rediculing the coalition….bec his brother is the junior finance ministah fuh de voice of de people???..talking hagwash

  6. I polygraph test can be beat, they are not even admissible in the courts in the USA as a defense or prosecution in a trial. And if they were reliable, I think that all of Guyana Police, GRA, Gecom and everyone in the Government should have to pass one, but like I said, they can easily be manipulated, so what’s really the point of giving them to GEA, they are not really the people that need them

  7. The Test should be mandatory for all employees of the GEA, from the GM down, or rescind it for everyone and the ‘dismissed’ workers should seek ”financial redress” from a blatantly unfair practice.


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