Military has no say in mining activities in New River Triangle area

Secretary to the Defence Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Secretary to the Defence Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon.

[]Secretary to the Defence Board, Dr. Roger Luncheon has made it clear that the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) does not have an input in Government’s policy of allowing activities to be conducted in the New River area.

When questioned on the issue at his post cabinet media briefing, Dr. Luncheon explained that policy making is not dependent on the objections of the military.

Ever since it was revealed that government decided to grant Muri Brasil permission to conduct a Geological and Geographical Survey (PGSS), the issue has been on the front – burner, with a number of persons lamenting on it bordering on national security.

According to Dr. Luncheon, “Policy making in these areas isn’t dependent on objections and refusals by the military. That is alien to our understanding of civilian/military engagement.”

Dr. Luncheon did not dispute that there was a point in time when the military might have objected to any activity being conducted in the area; however, he stated that he has no recollection of such.

“The civilian/military dispensation that we embraced has an obligation to respect a civilian order. So if the President, who is the Commander – in – Chief were to announce to the nation or the military that this is our policy, under our understanding of the civilian military relations…”

Dr. Luncheon added that former President Bharrat Jagdeo did indeed discuss the issue of mining and exploring in that area and at that time, the President has a strong position which was not consistent with other Cabinet members.



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