Meten-Meer-Zorg family terrorised over reluctance to share electricity, water with neighbour

The broken down gate at the entrance of the premises

After demonstrating reluctance to continue supplying electricity and water to a neighbour, 29-year-old Imran Rabbani is now worried over the safety and security of his family. This concern comes on the heels of intense threats that were issued towards his household by the neighbour in relation to the discontinued supply of electricity and water.

Rabbani, of Lot 42 Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, told Inews that for the past two months, his neighbours have been in the habit of using obscene and threatening language towards him after he refused to continue “giving them current and water,” he added that his neighbour at one point assaulted his wife.

The father of three posited that he made several reports to the Leonora Police Station but the suspect was arrested and released within 24 hours.

The broken down gate at the entrance of the premises

“Two brother and a sister living pon a reserve about six years now, so because I don’t give dem light an water, since then they got a problem…one of the brother wife curse up he (grandfather) an when she meet home she and her husband start curse up and so, then couple months after he slap my wife….when we go Leonora Police Station, police come and take he, next 15 minutes he get loose come home and dem start again” a concerned Rabbani stated.

Nevertheless, these intolerable behaviours have escalated and forced added fear into the family after the access gate to the premises was broken down last Tuesday evening by the suspects who were armed with cutlasses.

A similar action also occurred on Friday evening forcing the family to leave their home and take shelter at a neighbourhood masjid.

“Tuesday night Kuresh Bacchus and he brother-in-law come with cutlass and wood, break down the gate coming in fo kill…The sister husband bring men in a car and say dem will kill me so I’m scared to live here now…I can’t rest in my home last night, I had to run to go sleep by the masjid. A car with three men come by my house last night (Friday) and it looks like dem had gun” he stated.

On the other hand, calls to Commander of D Division (West Bank Demerara-East Bank Essequibo) Edmond Cooper for a comment in connection to this incident went unanswered.

Meanwhile, a fearful Rabbani and his family are calling on the higher authorities of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to intervene in order for them to feel comfortable and safe in their environment and prevent the worst from happening.




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