Mentally-ill man dies while in police custody


[] –A mentally challenged man has reportedly died on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital while in police custody.

According to a police report, Leon Alphonso, was arrested on Wednesday after a report was made against him by residents of Danielstown, Essequibo Coast.

During the police attempt to arrest the man, he resisted and attacked the police officers with a crowbar. It was at this point that an officer shot Alphonso.

He was subsequently taken to the Suddie Hospital where he was admitted for treatment. However iNews understands that the man’s condition deteriorated and he was scheduled for transfer to the Georgetown Public Hospital for surgery.

It was during the transfer that an emergency stop was made and the mentally ill man pronounced dead.

iNews on Tuesday reported that Alphonso also known as Bolo had went on a rampage in Danielstown assaulting a pregnant woman to the point of her being unconscious and damaging the windscreen of a car.

The man, who would normally roam the public road and streets nude, was a threat to the general public especially young girls whom he would periodically attack.



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