Members of Disciplined Forces cast votes in LGE


The members of the Disciplined Services early this morning commenced voting in the Local Government Elections (LGE), ahead of civilians who are expected to cast their ballots on March 18, 2016. Voting is expected to last throughout the day, starting from 6:00hrs and concluding at 18:00hrs.

police3It is expected that almost 7000 Disciplined Services ranks will be casting their ballots for the Local Government Elections (LGE). Those registered to vote include 4693 from the Guyana Police Force (GPF); 357 from the Guyana Prison Service (GPS); and 1928 from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

Ballot stations for the Disciplined Services ranks are located at their places of duty or deployment.

These include 19 locations for the GDF, five locations for the GPS and four for the GPF.
After arrival in Guyana on March 1, the ballots were extracted, sorted and enveloped in accordance to schedule.

Each ballot sheet for a member of the Disciplined Forces is placed into two envelopes. The outer envelope bears the elector’s name along with the District and Local Authority Area in which he/she is required to vote. The inner envelope bears the District, Local Authority Area and the Constituency in which he/she is required to vote.

Ballot boxes will be returned to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) after voting, and kept in the secured custody of the Chief Elections Officer under guard by members of the GPF.
The ballots cast by members of the Disciplined Forces will be sorted by the Local Authority and Constituency to be dispatched to the respective Returning Officers for intermixing on Election Day, March 18.

The polling stations identified for the intermixing of the Disciplined Forces ballots will be gazetted.






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