Medical practitioners responsible for deaths of leukemia patients still employed

Roshini Seegobin and Sharezer Mendonca

-GPHC awaiting word from Medical Council to take further action

The three medical practitioners who were held responsible for the deaths of three leukemia patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GHPC) earlier this year are still on administrative leave despite the revelations of two investigations.

However, officials at the medical facility say that the matter is now in the hands of the Guyana Medical Council, and until a decision is made at that level, only then the GPHC can take the necessary actions.

In the meantime, although the three staff are not ‘on the job’ they are receiving their full salaries until further notice. The doctors in question had administered the drugs incorrectly on the three children.

Roshini Seegobin and Sharezer Mendonca

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GPHC, Brigadier George Lewis at a press conference earlier this month stated that the three medical staff involved in the incidents commenced their administrative leave on January 29, 2019, and they would remain that way pending further reviews of the report and possible disciplinary actions, if necessary.

The first child who died was seven-year-old Curwayne Edwards on January 14, followed by three-year-old Roshini Seegobin of Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on January 18.

The third child, six-year-old Sharezer Mendonca of Queenstown, Essequibo Coast, died on January 24. Mendonca’s body was given to the wrong family for burial in what was alleged to have been an attempt to cover up her true cause of death.

Family members of little Mendonca has since indicated their intention to take legal actions against the medical facility.




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