Meagre GY$1200 increase for Old Age Pensioners


The APNU+AFC coalition has presented in its 2016 budget, a meagre increase of GY$1200 per person who receives old age pension payments.

old agePreviously pensioners benefited from GY$17, 000. This figure has been raised to a mere GY$18, 200.  This is according to finance minister Winston Jordan who minutes ago made this announcement in his 2016 budget presentation in Parliament.





  1. Pensioners now receives an increase of $14,400 p.a. Subsidies removed totalled $42,000 p.a. Rhetoric cannot full hungry bellies.
    “Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins.” – Edward Kennedy.
    “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, suffering in the land” – Jimmy Cliff.

  2. I am not surprise of this increase, if you are bold enough to call it that. After 50% increase (to thwart prospective corruption) for ministers, how do you expect them to afford anything else. They cut the water and electricity benefits of pensioners last year and increase the actual pension amount and pensioners were still worse off. This time around, they got 2 loaves of bread increase without water and electricity benefits restored. Way to go! For most of these senior citizens, the would have lived through the PNC rule where they suffered and as life has it, it seems their twilight years will be an opportunity to experience the same again.

  3. Ref Old Age Pensioners.

    This historic description given to retirees of advanced age, aught to be changed.

    What about renaming it as Advanced Senior Citizens Pensions.

    This sounds more realistic and in keeping with current global reality and longevity.


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