McGregor launches foul-mouthed response as UFC strip lightweight title


SportsMax– Conor McGregor has told the UFC they will not take the lightweight title away from him in a foul-mouthed Twitter post.

UFC president Dana White had reiterated that McGregor, while “100 per cent” set to return to

action, would no longer hold his status as champion after Saturday’s fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway.McGregor has not fought in the UFC since beating Eddie Alvarez in November 2016, but had previously retained the championship.

“[There will be] no interim champ,” White said in a news conference on Wednesday. “When this fight is over, champion. One of these guys will be the champion.”

But those comments have not gone down well with McGregor, who responsed on Thursday.

“You’s’ll [sic] strip me of nothing you’s do nothing c****,” he posted on his Twitter account.

McGregor had already lost his featherweight title after taking time out of mixed martial arts to box Floyd Mayweather in a lucrative bout.



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