McCoy debunks iNews article; says Youth Council members displayed disdain for questions



Kwame McCoy at the meeting of the Guyana National Youth Council

[] – Information Liaison Officer of the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy is denying that the contents of an article which appeared on are factual and represent what happened on the afternoon of Saturday March 07 at the Georgetown Cricket Club during a meeting of the Guyana National Youth Council.

In a statement issued on Sunday, March 08 McCoy denied that he behaved in a disruptive manner, and had an exchange of words with several of the participants in the meeting.

He accused iNews of having an “anti – Kwame agenda.”

“The INEWS account of my participation in yesterday’s (Saturday, March 7, 2015) meeting of the controversial GNYC is obviously misleading, mischievous and designed to support the biases of certain executive members of this association against me. Apart from their known political- affiliation to opposition political parties, those members displayed disdain and intolerance for questions surrounding the lack of broad-based youth representation of the organization, funding for their elections project, and overall transparency and accountability issues,” said McCoy.

He emphaised that his participation at the meeting was on the basis of being a legitimate representative of youth, as Chairman of the National Youth Parliament of Guyana (NYPG) and Executive Director of the Guyana Youth Development Association (GUYDA).

“At no time did I represent the interest of any political party or had an anti-youth agenda.

“Therefore it could only be for the purpose of being mischievous that INEWS would interpret my right to seek information on the work and activities of the this controversial body, as disruptive, especially given that INEWS in its very article said that the meeting was for the purpose of providing information to participants,” he said.

McCoy said that iNews perpetuated its anti-kwame agenda by refusing to report that the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) representative verbally abused him as he was making his exit.

iNews would like to note that the incident recorded by the journalist present showed McCoy in a heated verbal exchange with Pamela Grant, who was representing the GCCI.

Facilitator Francis Baily attempted to intervene urging McCoy to leave, but his suggestions were met with stern rejections on the part of McCoy.

iNews stands by its article.