Mayor, vendors block entrance of City Hall


Mayor 2The first of a series of planned protest by City Hall to remove the acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba got underway today, Tuesday August 6.

Mayor Hamilton Green along with the support of vendors blocked the entrance of City Hall with the aim of prohibiting the Acting Town Clerk from entering her office.

The Mayor told reporters that the time for talking is over and he plans to continue with this action until the Town Clerk is removed.

Minister of Local Government Norman Whittaker yesterday told this news site that the Mayor has no authority to block the entrance of City Hall.

In response, the Mayor says it is most unfortunate that the Minister would make such a remark.

Sooba told iNews that she worked from a different location in order to avoid a confrontation with the Mayor.

However, she made it clear that she is not afraid of him. Sooba explained that when the Mayor and vendors gathered at the council’s parking lot, orders were given to the Chief Constable Andrew Foo to have them remove, but according to Sooba, her instructions were blatantly disregarded.

Last evening, the vendors staged a protest action in front of Sooba’s residence in Durban Street. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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