“May 11 is the day of reckoning” – Luncheon tells small Tucville gathering


By Jomo Paul

The meeting at Turning Point, Tucville. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon on Friday evening (March 20) said that May 11 is the day that they should ensure the right choices are made.

Luncheon was at the time speaking at a People’s Progressive Party (PPP) public meeting at Turning Point, Tucville which attracted just over 60 persons from the area and its environs.

“May 11, 2015 is the day of reckoning,” said the HPS as he pointed out that Guyanese have a duty to ensure that progress continues.

He remarked that the PPP has led by example and knows what it is like to struggle since the Party was part of Guyana’s struggle in the colonial days and pre independence.

Luncheon opined that the PPP has cultivated a successful socioeconomic policy for Guyana and that policy has led to Guyana’s current development.

“We are a developing country and our ambitions, our expectations must be tailored according to that fact… We have developed and that is what the PPP is about,” said Dr Luncheon.

He further noted, “There can be no doubt, even the blind can see that there has been success with our economic policy….It’s is not that our economy has grown it is not that our per capita income has increase, it is not the fact that Guyanese are better off materially, it is the fact that these changes are stable.”

Dr Roger Luncheon during his address to residents. [iNews’ Photo]
Luncheon was adamant that the PPP is the sole alternative, pointing out that the Party has not stagnated Guyana’s growth but rather has taken the country forward.

Meanwhile, Human Services Minister Jenifer Webster noted that Guyana has come a far way in terms of technological advancements pointing to cellular phones as one of those advancements.

“We would not have had all of this if the PPP government did not have a vision for Guyana and see the need for us to have improved telecommunications in Guyana,” said Webster.

She said that Guyanese should not ignore where the country was and where it is presently given the stark differences such a comparison would show.

She admitted that the PPP government has made mistakes, but it is now time to move past those mistakes and put Guyana first.

“Yes we have made mistakes as a government but we want to assure you that we will do what is right because the people of Guyana are all Guyanese ; we are all Guyanese,” explained the Minister.

Webster also noted that at the upcoming polls, the citizenry has two clear choices of either the APNU/AFC or the PPP.    

She said, “don’t bother with the other, the others are running it’s between two political parties. You must be able to pick sense from nonsense.”