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Massive infrastructural upgrades for Wakenaam

Massive infrastructural upgrades for Wakenaam

President Irfaan Ali addressing residents of Wakenaam on Tuesday

In the coming months, residents on Wakenaam Island in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) will see several developmental projects being undertaken to enhance their lives, President Dr Irfaan Ali has announced.

Speaking during the commissioning of a school in Wakenaam on Tuesday, the Head of State informed that every single road on the island will be upgraded by 2025. He insisted that Government is not sparing any resource in enhancing such public infrastructure.

“In three years, we have spent more than $10 billion on roads here. And let me assure (you) we’re going to fix all the roads in Wakenaam before the end of 2025…We are not sparing the resources. We are putting the resources to ensure your life gets better, and everybody has to perform,” Ali underscored.

Based on the performance of those at the level of the Regional Administration and Central Government, Ali said, he has “no doubt” that this would be achieved.
To improve water quality and access, residents would also benefit from a new water treatment plant, construction of which would commence next year.

Through this project, realized to the tune of $850 million, treated water would be available to every home on the island.

Through the Men on Mission initiative, $2.5 million will be utilized for upgrade to a ground for the benefit of the community.
“We’re going to create a covered shed with an open space for community type of activity, where you can have greater interaction with the community,” Ali said.

By 2025, monies invested on the island would be equivalent to $6 million per resident, bringing better healthcare, education, energy reliability, and enhanced services.

“Since we came into Government, we have invested almost $4.5 million per resident. When you look at what we’ve spent in healthcare, roads, drainage and irrigation, sea defence, the new solar farm, our children, the elderly, increase in pension, social infrastructure, each one of you received an investment of about 4.5 million,” Ali announced.

Ali told residents that this development is not guesswork, but carefully planned strategies to build Wakenaam “stronger and better than it has ever been”.
Throughout the island, all lands are being utilized, and production is blooming.

“Vibrancy has returned, and it has returned because of staying true to our promise and commitment, understanding that when we came to you to ask for your support, we entered into a social contract with you, and we are fulfilling everything,” he added.

Last year, the President had announced plans to put in place a 750-kilowatt solar-powered system for this island at a cost of US$2.3 million, or GY$460 million.

Noting the island is a predominantly rice farming one, the President had also referenced his Administration’s efforts to reverse the damage to the rice industry that was done by the actions, or lack thereof, of the former Government.