Mass testing for COVID-19 begins in Region 8

File Photo of Mahdia, Region 8
File Photo of Mahdia, Region 8

Potaro-Siparuni, Region Eight has recorded nine COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, August 5, 2020. Six of these cases are from Kanapang and are currently isolated along with one case from Mahdia. Two other cases identified in Itabac have recovered.

Regional Health Officer, Dr. Chrissundra Abdool said with the identification of the first three cases in the region, a series of testing was initiated.

“We held an outreach in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health last week. Mass testing was done in Kurukubaru, Kamana, Itabac and Kanapang – 35 tests were done and of that amount, six were positive from Kanapang.”

These outreaches also sought to have a small vaccination campaign launched with quarantine and isolation facilities established using prefabricated houses.

Dr. Abdool noted that the seven active cases currently in isolation were all asymptomatic; and will remain there until they have recovered and are medically cleared.

“Everybody is asymptomatic which is a good thing because according to WHO’s guidelines when they are asymptomatic, the viral load is not as high so they are less likely to be contagious. I am not saying that they cannot infect someone else but someone’s whose immune system is not strong can be infected,” the RHO explained.

Meanwhile, the first person in the region to have been detected with the virus remains in isolation.

That individual had travelled from Moruca. Contact tracing was prompted and his acquaintances were cleared having not exhibited any signs and also testing negative for COVID-19.

Neighbouring regions – One and Nine – have recorded more than 100 cases, therefore, Potaro-Siparuni is being closely monitored for new cases.

The Health Department and by extension the regional COVID-19 task force will continue screening and other measures to ensure the spread of the virus is contained and the safety of the residents is safeguarded. [Extracted from DPI]