Masked gunmen attack, rob East Canje family


Five masked gunmen, in the wee hours of this morning,  terrorised and robbed a young East Canje, Berbice family, escaping with cash and other valuables. 

A ransacked room
A ransacked room

According to reports reaching INews,  at approximately 02:00hrs on Wednesday, 27-year-old Navendra Singh along with his 23-year-old wife, Melissa Gobin and their 2-year-old son, were awaken by the sounds of someone knocking against their bedroom door.

Singh told INews today that one of the gunmen pointed a gun between the spindles above the door and ordered that he unlock it.

He explained that after he did not comply, the bandits kicked down the door and then demanded they hand over their valuables. They then proceeded to ransack the house.

The father of one said that he became fearful for his life and the life of his family, and so began shouting for his neighbours for help, which caused the perpetrators to flee the scene.

Singh explained that the men managed to escape with around $500,000 in cash.

The police were notified and upon close inspection of the building, it was found that the gunmen managed to gain entrance to the house by removing of the louvre panes. The louvre panes which were taken from the scene, were found a few hours ago in the grass, a distance away from the house.

The bandits gained entrance to the house through this window
The bandits gained entrance to the house through this window

Investigations are ongoing into the matter.



  1. The back of my brother home looks exactly like this. Buy a pound 3 ins nails and nail half in four inches apart along the pipes and around windows. You would hear the screams you will have to call the ambulance for the bandits.


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