Manickhand on electricity issue at schools: It is a Gov’t issue, contact the PM


Minister for Education, Priya Manickhand said that the electricity issue facing students at the Leguan and Wakenaan Secondary Schools is a government issue and as such, the Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds should be contacted to deal with the matter, since he is in charge of electricity.

priyaThe Government Minister was contacted today for her comment on the electricity woes facing the students at those schools. However, instead of providing an alternative solution to the issue, the Minister said that the Prime Minister should deal with it.

Earlier today, this website published a story detailing the challenges being faced by the students.  Limited electricity supply on the Island of Leguan is preventing students at the secondary school from using their IT lab.

Deputy Chairman of the Leguan Interim Management Committee Sheik Inshan Ayub said the secondary school is in need of a generator.

He said the school has a fully furnished IT lab which is not being utilized, due to the limited power supply on the island. Ayub said the island receives electricity during the after school hours – from 16:00 hours to8:00 hours the following day.

Additionally, Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud was also contacted about the issue.

He noted that residents need to understand the reasons behind the limited electricity and learn to make use with what they have. The minister is also suggesting that the students utilize the lab on the weekends when the islands receive 24 hours electricity.

Some persons opined that since these two government ministers refuse to make any interventions on the school’s behalf, it is now left up to private businesses to perhaps donate a generator to the schools.