Call made for ‘Kick Een she back door’ song to be banned


burningflamesThe Women and Gender Equality Commission is calling on the relevant authorities to ban two songs from the airwaves, namely “one bottle ah rum ah day” by Ravi B of Trinidad and “Kick EEN she back door” by Burning Flames of Antigua.

Calls were made for the song to be banned in Guyana, however, the Antiguan government did not act on those calls.

Burning Flames is expected to perform live this August at Hits and Jams annual Jamzone event.

Commissioner of the Commission, Nicole Cole stated that persons have fallen in love with the lyrics but do not understand the logics behind the two songs.

She related that these two songs promote violence against women, hence the call for their removal.

Meanwhile, on the issue of a minister’s son being involved with the police for beating his girlfriend two days ago, the commission said they do not support these acts of violence.

Commissioner representing the Private Sector Renata Chuck-A-Sang said the police should have taken the woman’s statement on the same night that she visited the Station

Chuck-A-Sang noted the action carried out by the police is in violation of a domestic violence case and should be dealt with accordingly.