Manager forgets money bag at shop; $700,000 goes missing


A 29-year-old of manager of Gamell’s Lumber Yard on Saturday last forgot a bag containing over $700,000 in cash at a shop and upon retrieving the bag, he discovered the money missing.

Mario Gambell, who resides at Hosororo, North West District had, on the day in question, paid employees.

Later that day, he ventured to a shop located at the Kumaka Waterfront. At the time, he had in his possession a bag which contained $765,000.

The man told investigators that he had placed the bag on the counter and then left the shop to head home, forgetting the bag in the process.

Upon realising that he had forgotten the bag, the man said he returned to the shop and discovered that it was missing.

Upon making inquiries, he said a 14-year-old lad informed him that his mother moved the bag. The victim then contacted the child’s mother, a 42-year-old businesswoman, who returned the bag.

The man checked the bag in the presence of the woman but he discovered that $700,000 was missing.

As such, he reported the matter to the Mabaruma Police Station. Investigations are ongoing.