Man who suffered second degree burns from home fire succumbs


A 53-year-old man on Thursday evening succumbed to injuries he sustained following a fire at his West Coast Berbice home on Wednesday evening.

Dead is Jaikarran Sahadeo of lot 99 Section “D”, Bushlot Village, West Coast Berbice.

According to reports received, during the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Sahadeo –who reportedly lived alone- was asleep in his home when a fire allegedly erupted in the lower flat of the two storey wooden structure.

INews was informed that the man only awoke after feeling the pain from his skin being burnt by the fire.

At that time, the entire house had been fully engulfed and he began screaming for assistance, which never came.

Sahadeo however, managed to escape through a window on the lower flat of the house, where his bedroom was located.

Residents in the area recalled hearing the screams of the elderly man, but they noted that due to the intensity of the heat, no one could venture close enough to the burning building.

Nevertheless, the fire service was contacted but by the time they were able to take action –with there being a shortage of water initially- the house and everything in it had already been burnt to the ground.

Sahadeo was rushed to the Berbice hospital to nurse second degree burns to his body, and was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he succumbed at around 21:00hrs last night.

The origin of the fire has not yet been determined, sources confirmed.

Sahadeo leaves to mourn a younger sister, and other family and friends.



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