Man shot in leg allegedly by reporter says he can’t work as bullet still lodged

Jimmy Ramgobin
Jimmy Ramgobin

Jimmy Ramgobin, the 28-year-old labourer of Sandy Babb, Kitty Georgetown who was allegedly attacked and later shot by popular Journalist, Travis Chase two weeks ago is crying foul, alleging that the Police are trying to cover up the matter.

The victim, met with media operatives on Tuesday and recounted the ordeal revealing that at no time did he attack and use bottles to pelt Chase as the Journalist claimed.

According to the man, he went out for a night of drinking with friends and became intoxicated.

While enroute to his home at around 01:00h in the morning of the incident, he lost consciousness and fell on the road way, reportedly in front of Chase’s girlfriends’ property which is located on De Abreu Street, kitty Georgetown.

However, he was allegedly awakened by repeated kicks to his ribs and in a traumatized state attempted to escape the beating.

“Between my sleep I feel somebody kicking me in my ribs when I look up, I see a man with a gun in he hand , I look on the other side, I see a girl standing on the other side , so I get up and I decided to run” Ramgobin related.

He further recounted that while attempting to escape, he heard several shots rang out behind him and then felt a burning sensation on his right foot.

“I heard about four to five shots behind me, I then stop on Garnett Street corner and then realize that I got shot, when I look back, I didn’t see anybody” the man revealed.

Ramgobin said with blood oozing from his leg, he made his way to the Police Station where he reported the matter.

Television journalist, Travis Chase

He related that he was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he received treatment and was told by ranks that the matter would be investigated.

When questioned, Ramgobin held out that at no time did he make any attempts to attack Chase as was reported to the Police.

“There is no way I can attack a person and get shot behind my foot…there is no way I can attack him with a bottle and get shoot behind my foot, if I was attacking him, I was supposed to be shot in front so I did not shy him with no bottle” Ramgobin held out.

According to the labourer, the bullet is currently lodged in his leg and could not be removed by doctors which is hindering his work.

He says that he will not drop the matter, as he again maintained his innocence.

“I can’t do no kind of heavy work right now and this time of the year, I does work hard for my money…this bullet has not been removed, its still in my foot, the doctor tell me that bullet can’t come out because it jamming the nerves and the tissue, until January, then they could see if they could operate to take it out”.

When contacted, Chase told this publication that he has no comment noting that the matter is still with the Police.

The Police however revealed that the case file into the matter is still with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) awaiting directions.



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