Man pardoned by President in trouble again…jailed for 18 months



Twenty-year-old Joshua Joseph, one of the youths granted a pardon by President David Granger, was on Wednesday back in court, charged with escaping from Police custody, breaking and entering and robbery under arms.

Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph

It is alleged that Joseph while being a prisoner at the Brickdam Police Station on a charge of robbery, escaped from Police custody.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones told the court that Joseph was in Police custody and was being escorted by a Police Constable to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts when he started to behave in a disorderly manner.

He added that he shoved and held on to the said Constable and a struggle ensued, after which he managed to release himself from handcuffs and made good him escape.

He was later arrested on February 15 in the Stabroek area.

Joseph explained to the court that he was clad in old clothes and requested better clothing, a request which was denied. He added that the Police Constable tried to push him into the Police van and he resisted and a scuffle ensued. He further added that he fell during the scuffle and his handcuff opened which he saw as an opportunity to escape.

Prosecutor Jones told the court that Joseph was one of the persons who had been pardoned by President Granger, but he could not say what the offence was that he had been incarcerated for.

Joseph pleaded not guilty to an additional charge which alleged that on January 19, at High Street, Georgetown, he broke and entered the dwelling house of Osa Omaree and stole one Sharp 21-inch television valued $35,000, one laptop valued $50,000, one gold chain valued $30,000 and one gold earring valued $8000; a total value of $123,000 and the property of Osa Omaree.

Also it is alleged that Joseph, while in the company of 21-year-old Kestor McPhoy on February 13, at Stabroek, he robbed Felicia Walton of her gold chain valued $60,000.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charge and were remanded to prison. The matter will return to court on March 1.




  1. Which President in their minds will let these low lives out of jail. What this gangster should have done was go robbed the president who set him Free!! Shame on you President Granger. It’s clear from this action that you’re not fit to be a President.

  2. What’s the point of pardoning Prisoners. Their minds are already set to do the same thing again. Put them on a Farm to do Planting of Agri.Products.

  3. Man pardoned by President in trouble again…jailed for 18 months.
    And our newly US Installed prezzie and a whole host of others think they can rehabilitate..committing crimes is in their DNA….take that out and they will be very productive citizens..


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