Man narrowly escapes death after early morning accident on Mandela Ave.


A man narrowly escaped death this morning after the car he was driving (PLL 4642) slammed into a container parked along the Mandela Avenue road. The car has been “written off” as a result of being mangled.

The mangled car
The mangled car

INews understands that around 03:00h today the driver of the car was proceeding west along Mandela Avenue when another vehicle in the opposite direction began to overtake a motorcar in front of it.

To avoid a head-on collision the man swerved from the approaching vehicle into a container parked on the southern side of Mandela Avenue.

According to sources, the container did not have a light on to indicate its presence on the roadway; no light or neon flashing sign.

The container truck that the car slammed into
The container truck that the car slammed into

However, the driver of the car was saved by the air bag which inflated upon impact. INews was told that man was treated for his injuries at a private hospital before being sent home.







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