Man kills fiancée then commits suicide – shoots fiancée then turns gun to his head and pulls trigger


By Kristen Macklingam

Shockwaves rippled through the tiny village of Kartabo, located on the Essequibo River, after a young gold miner killed his fiancée before taking his own life today.

INews understands that 19-year-old Glenda McCurdy was shot to her chest while her 22-year-old fiancé Terry Alexander who, after reportedly killing her, used his gun to shoot himself to his head.

Reports are that the couple was encountering domestic problems.

The dead woman’s mother, Beverly McCurdy, said Alexander  – after shooting her daughter – pointed the gun in her direction and pulled the trigger but it did not go off.

“After the gun didn’t go off, I start to run to an area where there are people but he started to run behind me… I run about half mile and he reach me up and pull the trigger again but it didn’t go off again but he then place the gun to his head and pulled the trigger but this time, it went off,” the woman recalled in tears.

She said that after he fell to the ground, she ran and alerted some residents who rushed to the scene and found the couple dead. She was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where she was treated and set away.

McCurdy explained that the young man had returned from the backdam on Friday and went to her house on Saturday but she and her family, inclusive of the young man’s fiancée, were not at home. They had travelled to Bartica, Region Seven to attend a church service.

Upon finding an empty house he reportedly became angry and accused her daughter of seeing another man and also accused her (Beverly) of encouraging the relationship, the distraught mother said.

Their bodies were taken to Bartica Regional Hospital Mortuary in Region Seven.

The young woman leaves to mourn her parents and two siblings.  Meanwhile investigations are ongoing.







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