Man killed in suspected hit and run on Linden Highway


The body of an unidentified man suspected to be victim of a hit and run accident was on Saturday morning found along the Loo Creek Public Road, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

Based on reports received, the man’s body bore multiple injuries including his head, left arm and leg. His body was also in a semi-nude state when he was discovered.

The man is of African descent and is believed to be in his 30’s. Police were informed of the discovery and immediately launched an investigation during which several pieces of a vehicle light were found in close proximity of the man’s body.

The area, according to reports is dangerously dark during the nights and the distance from where the body was found to the closest village is about three miles away. The body was picked up and taken to the Linden Hospital complex awaiting identification and post mortem.

The police are continuing their investigations.


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