Farmer mistakenly shot for “ackurie” by hunter


An Essequibo farmer is now nursing two wounds after he was shot by a hunter in the vicinity of the Queenstown Backland, Essequibo Coast on Friday evening.

The injured man has been identified as 54-year-old Lynden Smith of Lot 57 Queenstown, Essequibo.

Based on reports received, a 66-year-old-year old resident of Mocha, Essequibo Coast who is a licensed firearm holder was hunting in the area when he heard a sound and thought it was a wild animal and discharged two rounds in that direction.

However, it was Smith who was in his farm working at about 5:30h on Friday morning. Smith recalled hearing a loud explosion followed by a burning sensation on his lower back and his buttocks.

He also recalled hearing something screaming “Me miss the ackurie” (a wild animal). He nevertheless, did not see anyone and as such, he made his way to the Suddie Regional Hospital where he was treated and the matter was reported to the police.

The shooter was arrested but has since denied that he shot Smith. At the time he was carrying his licensed Maverick Shotgun along with six cartridges. He was detained and is assisting the police with their investigations.


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