Man killed after vehicle plunges into trench at Bel Air


A man is now dead after he lost control of the vehicle he was driving and plunged into a trench along the Railway Embankment Road, in the vicinity of Conversation Tree, Greater Georgetown.

Dead is 33-year-old Mashaun Tyrell, a healthcare worker who resided at David Street, Kitty, Georgetown.

The crash occurred at around 03:00hrs today, after Tyrell had left the Giftland Mall where he was hanging out with a group of friends.

Reports are that Tyrell was heading home when he lost control of the motorcar and crashed into a nearby trench.

The vehicle became mangled and submerged in the trench, causing Tyrell to become trapped inside for an extended period of time.

He was eventually taken out from the wreckage by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and swiftly transferred him to the Accident and Emergency Unit at Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.