Man jailed for robbery, told the court he needed money to buy milk and pampers


A 20-year-old man was Wednesday sentenced to two years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to robbing a woman on September 9, 2019.

Julian Corlette, a carpenter by profession, told the court that he committed the crime because he was frustrated and needed to buy milk and pampers for his son.

“My girl call me and say that the baby have to get pampers. I get frustrated, take off my boots, clothes and I lie down on the road and start to pray. I walk till my foot get blister. I saw the woman walking and I walk up to her and pull the bag, I get nervous,” Corlette told the court.

The charge alleged that at around 10:30hrs at Light Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, he robbed Yelema Vernell of a quantity of items valued at $59,000.

Police Prosecutor Annalisa Brummel revealed that on the day in question, the defendant saw the virtual complainant walking along the street when he approached her and attempted to snatch her bag.

However, the woman held onto the bag which resulted in Corlette cuffing the woman about her body.

He eventually succeeded in stealing the bag and made his good escape.

The matter was reported to the Alberttown Police Station and the defendant was later apprehended and positively identified by the victim.