Man in custody for stealing from Zeelugt Mandir

The Zeelugt Shiva Mandir

A man who reportedly confessed to stealing several items from the Zeelugt Shiva Mandir, located in Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo, on Monday is presently in Police custody.

The man, whose only name was given as ‘Flim’ was arrested for breaking and entering the Mandir sometime between Sunday midnight and Monday morning.

A devotee of the temple, Poorandai Sukhu told this publication that the man was later discovered with the items.

She explained that a caretaker of the building, observed that something was amiss on Monday when she visited the temple around 06:00h to switch off the lights.

She said that the woman was greeted by stripped idols and a ransacked building as she entered.

An alarm was raised by her and a report of the incident was reported to a nearby Police Station.

Part of the ransacked interior of the Mandir

The devotees who suspected the man, went to his home with a team of officers and reportedly discovered the missing items in a fowl pen.

He was taken into custody where he reportedly confessed to the crime at the Leonora Police Station.

According to Sukhu, ‘Flim’ evidently gained entry to the building through a window, which was grilled. She said the grill seemed to have been sprawled open.

Sukhu said a Personal Address (PA) system and over $200,000 worth of decorations and other items were stolen.

Police have since confirmed that a report was made in relation to the robbery.

Investigations are ongoing.



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