Man detained after he walked into a city bank and demanded $10M


* in name of ISIS

Police have nabbed a man who walked into a city bank demanding $10 million in the name of ISIS on Tuesday.
After demanding the cash, the man claimed that he had a bomb and would detonate it if his demands were not met.
Reports are that the man who appeared to be in his late 30’s walked into the bank just after 09:00hrs and went to the ATM card center demanding the money.
arrestedOne worker related that the man seems to be suffering from mental illness.
INews understands that the guards stationed at the bank confronted the man and he shouted “we will all die if I don’t get the money”.
The Police were called in but before they arrived, the bank’s security managed to intercept the man and a knife was found in the bag he was carrying.
He was later handed over to Police. An investigation has been launched.



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