Man chops reputed wife after threatened with eviction


Overseas-based Guyanese Deomattie Rampersaud of Highbury Village, East Bank Berbice (Region Six: East Berbice-Corentyne) is now a patient of the New Amsterdam Hospital after being chopped several times by her reputed husband during a heated argument over her being on her cellular phone in conversation with a male friend.

Based on reports received, on Wednesday evening, the 56-year-old Rampersaud and her 44-year-old reputed husband were engaged in an argument, and Rampersaud reportedly threatened to put him out of the house. This threat angered the man, and he reacted by arming himself with a cutlass and dealing her several chops about her body, after which he placed her in her car and drove to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital, where she has been admitted as a patient. Her condition is listed as serious, but stable.

Reports are that these two persons have been having trust issues with each other. The suspect, meanwhile, has been arrested and he is assisting with the investigations.