Man charged with assault, intent to rob refused bail

Royden Browne
Royden Browne
Royden Browne

[] – Royden Browne (with no fix place of abode) was today refused bail by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on an assault with intent to rob charge.

He denied that on October 15 at Bourda Georgetown, he unlawfully assaulted Natasha Outar with intent to rob her of her blackberry cellular phone valued $35,000.

Police Prosecutor Michael Grant told the Court that on the day in question around 09:00 hrs the victim was walking east on the pavement of Regent Street when the defendant approached and dealt her several cuffs about her body.

The Court heard that the defendant held on to the victim’s cellular phone. Subsequently, a scuffle ensued between the two of them and with the assistance of a passerby the suspect was captured.

The unrepresented man admitted to assaulting the virtual complainant (VC) but denied that he attempted to rob her.

He said that he was sleeping at Bourda Market and after he woke up, he discovered his bicycle missing. He explained that he proceeded to walk on the pavement when Outar jammed him and he chucked her in return.

The Prosecutor successfully opposed bail on the grounds that the defendant was previously charged with a similar offence and bail was refused until November 3.



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