Mahaicony Cottage Hospital Paediatric Ward ‘out of service’


Residents living near the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) are complaining that the health facility’s paediatric ward is non-functional and has been that way for a very long time.

hospitalSome even contest that although the ward was constructed and equipped with a few items it still cannot accommodate the number of patients (young children) as it should.

INews was told that in cases where these young children have to be monitored overnight they have to be taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) instead.

According to one man the paediatric ward at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital is a “white elephant” since it cannot and is not being used for the purpose it was intended, regardless of the fact that the hospital has a paediatrician who works there.

As such the residents are hoping that the relevant authorities would take into consideration the fact that the GPHC is a great distance from the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital and work at rectifying the issue soon.






  1. i beg to let us agree to disagree since in my research your argument is not fact-based but more like the opposition garbage, efforts were made to prove your last points wrong but like as expected those news items were not accessible to those bend of causing division.

  2. Rick he is a top notch security guard-he has all the qualification requirements –History –so he should be able to remember what he did for Burnham–Political Science –can b–shit a lot–military training–knows how to kill without being caught and to bully–I guess for you this makes for a great leader.

  3. He is a dictator–all the credentials you mention does not mean a darn thing ( educated jackass).The man is a racist and has blood on his hands–respected by the west are you fool or what?He was one of Burninhell henchmen..remember????

  4. like DK, unless you research you will keep being way off. this ward is an attachment to the hospital, it was built within an area where it is impossible to have its own stairway for emergency exit, remember you are dealing with children. And yes it was a PPP/C project.
    for your information a. the security guard turn President was not trained in the USSR where you are given certificate of attendance and not certificate of successfully completed. b. he is a highly respected in the west for his military knowledge. c. he is a trained historian and political science graduate. d. he is a leader and not a boss since he dislike micro-management.

  5. So all of them should take online management course – that would change anything–when you dumb you dumb–if a security guard turn president ( dictator) who do you think he would want on his team –morons–that’s what we have now.

  6. I will disagree with the words ‘out of service’ since I was informed that this ward was never used, I doubt it will pass safety inspection seeing its has no emergency exit.
    also I feel the Minister should address the local staff performance within that hospital, being family infested its output is not within the standard required in its execution of professional health care. some transfer are badly needed.

  7. Once this building is abandoned INews should go back and see who move into it…Its only one set of people who does this claiming they are marginalized and disenfranchised

  8. Mahaicony Cottage Hospital Paediatric Ward ‘out of service’
    PNC had all the plaster for all the PPP white elephants but it seems like they were all mouths and nothing more to these PNC clowns..


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