Luncheon wants evidence that Rohee’s daughter is racist


By Tracey Khan-Drakes

rima-rohee[] – Even though a number of old ‘racist’ Facebook posts have surfaced from one of the members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon is insisting that evidence be provided in this regard before any action is taken against her.

Rima Rohee – Paul, the daughter of the General Secretary of the PPP and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, continues to be placed under the microscope for what many term as, ‘racist Facebook remarks’ over a period of time.

After her name appeared on the PPP’s list of candidates for the upcoming regional and general elections, calls continue to mount from sections of society for the younger Rohee to be disciplined.

Her behaviour has been described as “unacceptable”; something that former President, Dr. BharratJagdeo said will not be tolerated by the Party. He went as far to say that persons in the PPP who practice or preach racism will be ‘kicked out of the Party’ during his address to supporters at Babu John recently.

However,at his post cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President on Friday, April 10 Dr. Luncheon reiterated the former President’s stance on the issue of racism.

“What the former President said is the gospel truth, when you transgress the rules on politically correct behavior, particularly in the context of elections but in general, your place in the People’s Progressive Party is not assured. I won’t go so far to say as he [Jagdeo] said we will kick them out, but I will concur with the sentiment he sought to create that such behavior is unacceptable,”Dr Luncheon said.

He further noted that “persons with such facts should come forward and if sustained you should be satisfied that the full action of the People’s Progressive Party could be brought against this errant comrade.”

When pressed whether action can or will be taken against the daughter of the Party’s General Secretary, Dr Luncheon said, “I will repeat, the facts have to be presented, I don’t believe you would think that it takes an allegation by someone, even a member of the media to be the basis for the implementation of those disciplinary procedures against errant Party members.”

“It is the supply and provision of the facts of the matter that this person has contravened the party, this person is a member of the party, so in essence we are expecting Party rules to apply. I think in terms of natural justice this is the preferred way instead of these allegations that frequently surface unsupported by facts but with striking calls for action to be taken against who the allegations are raised.” 

One of Rohee- Paul’s posts reads: “Nick it is fact!live with it! yea typical black woman all black people are the same u twist it and turn it they are all the same samedutty mentality that’s why they will always be the same in life.”

She also said at the beginning of this year: “It’s a new year and a no shit year so whoever don’t like me and say Im racist go f$@k yourself.”



  1. Green and Buxton – dis time na long time all races in guyana get to travel and are more sofisticated that your silly comments are suggesting. Burnham has not been on the ballot for over 20 years. Before the pppc came into power I lived well with my brothers in the surrounding communities from buxton but roger k did not like that so with strong support from the government paid criminals to cause discort. A new government can start to fix that. If you were a true buxtionian you would know who supports all the businesses in Annandale.

  2. Hey Rima, you cyant defend yuhself hey. U only embarrassing you self. So shut yuh mouth and stay quiet.

  3. FACT: Rohee-Paul posted racist Facebook comments. (Persons who are trying to defend those posts are either racists themselves or are very intellectually challenged or intellectually dishonest.)
    QUESTION: Is not Clement, her father, of mixed ancestry (i,e. mixed with black)? If that is indeed so, Rohee-Paul has some serious issues to deal with.

    At the end of the day, it is hard to be angry with someone who may very well have mental issues arising out of a combination of hereditary mental incapacity and learned psychological self-hatred. To those who love her or have her ear, please get her some professional help.

  4. I remember vividly when Mr Rohee came to his daughter school one Monday morning, and asked ” why is my daughter not passing her subjects? my daughter can cook, she knows how to take care of a house good,good so why she can’t pass these subjects ” not going to mention the school name but I was one of the young teacher on staff that morning, I spoke to Mr Rohee , and after our initial conversation that’s when I was fully convinced why his daughter was failing , let’s just say, Mr Rohee wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, and according to the saying the apple don’t fall far from the root, but good luck same way with your political career, don’t forget all those same black man teachers that used to help you, don’t forget all those black man classmates that you used to copy (cheat) from and I let you slide .

  5. Listen to some of you! Is it not sad that so many years after independence we are still fighting against each other. Why does this always surface at election time? Trinidad has Indians, and Africans alike do these these people behaving the way Guyanese behave? A Trinidadian will tell you in a minute that a Trini is a Trini. Why can’t we change our ways. People it is time for us to stop this foolishness, and grow up and let us join hearts and hands and build our nation. Who we choose to support politically, that is our choice. People we are considered one of the poorest nationals in the world. Stop, stop. Whoever wins the next election let us give our best support for the benefit of our country and our people.

  6. you are a donkey if you believe that racism was “engineered” by someone, much less burnham! you fools don’t even think before you talk that is why it is all trash that you write here constantly.

    if you have one bit of sense you would know that burnham had the most to lose if he had chosen to divide the people along racial line because the majority of people in the country were different than his own race. now you go ask the first kindergarten child and then the second and then the third and all will tell you that you are a donkey if you believe what you wrote here.

  7. Do you want to hear race talks and more ? Bastardization? Then please Google.
    “THE WINSTON FELIX and BASIL WILLIAMS TAPE” Listen to fraudulent conduct.

  8. there is not one bit of racism in your story[sic] but it coming from you it is laced full of jackassery!

  9. no one communicates with those vagabonds you mentioned ’cause they do the talking. as a matter-of-fact the do the dog-whistling and use the epithets any how the like because stupid guyanese are receptive to the ppp / government nonsense.

  10. Who said make the country ungovernable.
    Whose mantra is mo fyah?
    The PNC said that and who was it directed to , Indians?
    We folks cannot shout racism when we lose.
    How many times Governments and Organisation apologize to their first people and for slavery?
    Do you have a double standard Sir?

  11. if they get in power again —again they might send in the gdf pon yall and call it rupunini uprising…like the wismar how they were trying to expand buxton to anandale

  12. shaan if u know apan jaht then u have to know kit n kin and massa…is massa teach yall how to be racist–divide conquer…yall fat boi was master at racism..

  13. slam…i didnt know all black ppl are criminls…u should be thrown out for your stupidity and your stupid blog..

  14. “All black ppl are the same, thats why they will always be the same in life”??? Come on are you for real? Throw this woman out!

  15. We must be careful, what is construed as racism. Sometimes we talk history and it is referred to as racism. As for instant Forbes Burnham on the podium at one of his meeting said;” who got the money” Crowd:” the Indians,” Forbes replied,” Go take it from them.”
    By me repeating this story is not racism, but just talking history.

  16. I don’t know who started racism, but I do know that the phrase “APAN JHAT” was not used by Burnham. Can you tell me who used it. but all of that aside, No person who uses such language should be on a list of candidates for the legislature. No apology is good enough.

  17. is she running for political office you big dummies….name who is not racist in guyana – america –de world..if u say blacks commit more crimes in guyana than all others you are a racist.. i was called a racist for saying carl greenidge is a dunce with a capitol D…

  18. I strongly condemn racism.

    I agree with Dr BJ and Dr Luncheon that racism does not belong in the PPP/C Party.

    Racism was engineered by Forbes Burnham and his ilk. They divide the Nation, so people don’t be holier than thou.

    Nowadays laws and mindset have changed and we have to be ‘politically correct’.
    Trust me I have seen more dirt thrown on us by Opposition forces taken from raw sewerage to the stinkiest shyte manure pile.

    The lies and misinformation reeks.

    I was placed or invited on an opposition forum with majority being people unfriendly to the PPP/C Government. I can tell you, I could not take the lies, crap and somewhat racist overtones and had to exit.

    If the young Rohee was not politically correct and chooses to use the ‘rapper’s language as I termed it to call a spade a spade, she should quickly apologise. If anyone wants to take issue kindly come forward with facts not heresay and lies or a distorted context of language.

    She has a good and caring heart.

  19. so much is said about racist,now this is awaking us the macushi people we never though of acting upon it,since the opposition is on it,what about us, every day we are being marginalised as the buck,dutty,stupid, ect. my questionfor the opposition what then have you prepared for racialism if u get in power,


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