Luncheon questions APNU’s silence on No Confidence motion



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

PPP APNU[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon has questioned the silence of the main Opposition – A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) as it relates to the threat of a No Confidence motion by the Alliance for Change (AFC).

Dr Luncheon questioned why the AFC has not garnered the support of the APNU for the motion. He told reporters today at a press conference that this must be seen in the context that the APNU is in a position to compromise with the government in exchange for the assent to the Local Government Elections Bill.

He explained that the AFC “walks a lonely” road in this regard, while APNU works with Government to have the President assent to the Bill.

The APNU is yet to publicly state its position on the motion and whether it will be supported by the Party. The motion will not be successful in the National Assembly if it does not receive the support of the APNU.

Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews' Photo]
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews’ Photo]
If the two opposition political parties decide to go down this road, Government will be forced to hold fresh General elections. However, the issues of local Government elections will still be on the table unresolved.





  1. Your reasoning is shallow and flawed for the following reasons:
    1. George Bush wasn’t the best and brightest but he had several things going for him a. He had pedigree, b. Despite not being the best and brightest he was Yale educated to a masters degree level( the dunces there brighter than our boys) c. He was a consummate politician d. He inherited a booming economy, with low unemployment, year on year of remarkable growth(for the size of the economy), excellent education system, booming(bubble) housing market, stock market, a democratic society with corruption that doesn’t not affect the lives of the ordinary citizens, little police harassment, functioning judiciary, good healthcare system etc etc etc! Guyana on the other hand has people who are increasingly frustrated, poor education, don’t know how they will make the 50000 salary pay the 45000 rent, 10000 light bill, send their children to a poor school, get robbed with no justice, no rule,of law etc etc. the voting public in these two countries cyan be the same. Dem people in ‘merica got lil more education and vote on issues and policies not on colour, so bush didn’t need to be the best and brightest he needed to have the policies to trick people into voting for him. In guyana ah story different. Nowadays dem people ah get lil mo sense.

    2. Burnham and Hoyte were of far superior intellect to all and sundry in the PPP, but the question is whether persons of a certain orientation can run a country. The resounding answer is no. This notwithstanding if the PPP puts a candidate who cannot pander to the passions and emotions of the people, who is not charismatic(like dunda cheddie), who cannot inspire our activists on the ground, who cannot articulate proper policies and ideas etc etc abhi guh be in the same boat like last time or worse. If you nah understan dah yuh nah know politics

    3. Al haji dadaji was a dictator of the same orientation of which a speak. He was not elected but rather took power by a military coup, thereafter ‘D people of Ugaanda wanted him to be liife prezzideent’ That’s my recollection of political history.

    4. The people didn’t vote overwhelmingly for Donald Ramotar did they. When I go to Berbice and speak with my relatives they don’t intend to vote. They are happy that our government is in this position. These are illiterate people who 10 years ago would chop you to bits if you spoke ill of the PPP, now they ‘baad taak’ the guvament. This is the sad reality. Unfortunate but true.

    The sooner you evaluate the changing demographics, growing discontentment, increasing frustration, changing priorities(read to mean run and leff Guyana or fight for basic survival and nah worry with PPP and PNC), increasing awareness, accessibility of public information, traveling populations, access to electronic media providing enlightenment(the PPP was very smart to refuse tv station licences for sharma et al in Berbice and to deny radio licences since thus will increase public awareness and access to damning information) etc etc I don’t need to spell it out for you, the sooner your appreciation for politics will mature and perhaps evolve.

  2. I S::Let me rest your case for you::The young GeorgeBush was 2 time President of the United States of America wasnt he? You mean to tell me in your opinion he was best n brightest? Dont tangle up yourself too much..You put anyone as leader of PPP to contest election PPP win..You put anyone to lead PNC into election they hard core base supporters vote for them overwhelmingly..Was Burnham and Hoyte best and brightest to rule Guiyana? I dont think you think so but UK and US did!! Then let me finish it off with President Idi Amin Dada of Uganda..Well if you know anything about politics then you know the rest ha ha

  3. Young blood irfaan is not very liked by the general public. This notwithstanding he is a great politician and can’t deal with the manipulations of politics. Robert Persaud is an excellent candidate but many persons including the Donald don’t want him to ascend to the presidency since they feel he is too closely aligned to BJ and would be influenced. I don’t think this commonly held view is correct, once appointed Robert will hold his own and put his own strong positions forward. If pushed he may even ostracize persons who attempt to unduly exercise influence over him.

  4. Lmao! Carolyn Rodrigues? Which exco will give her the nod? You seriously don’t understand the internal workings of the party, do you? There is no chance she will get the blessings of exco. She is a poor candidate. At best she is a mediocre minister, has no grassroots support, is not in touch with the supporters on the ground, does not have popular support in the cabinet, does not have the makings of a great politician or president, does not have a group of ministers willing to back any bid she may wish to make, does not have support of the PPP business community etc etc( I can go on and on). Now now now should I get started on the. Hon minister Webster! I don’t think so. All of the above and worse. She mo dunce than the current president and that is dunce I tell ya. What young blood you talking bout? Nandlall made his aspirations known and he was taught a lesson( got the third highest votes at congress but couldn’t get appointed to exco). Poor chap got two votes, he vote for himself and somebody made a mistake and vote for him(I suspect is his good friend Priya)

  5. PPPC have lots of young blood with brains to lead Guyana:: But my pick would be Caroline R…For President and Jen Webster for Prime Minister…PNC and all others would be put away for life…

  6. Who will we put to be presidential candidate? It looks like the party has given Minister Rohee the nod for the candidacy. He has increased portfolio, has taken over the GS position, is interacting with the grassroots as GS, has increased media coverage, has overtaken Dr. Luncheon as the prime spokesperson for the Party etc etc. I don’t see them grooming another candidate in time. Exco will more likely than not give Rohee the nod. Would be happy to hear your views.

  7. We need the elections now! We need progress to continue! With Rohee as our presidential candidate we will be unstoppable! He will inspire all our supporters to come out in their masses. President Ramotar needs to show these fools who is a true warrior! The Americans giving out visas Wild West so we cannot risk our supporters going there to hide out. We need to take back the majority and close down the embassy. Long live the PPP!

  8. political games to suffer the guyanese masses and not one single politician will suffer or lose any sleep over anything they do to hurt innocent citizens…
    ramjattan must come clean…tell it like it is..tell the truth..ramjattan tried real bad to block the marriott hotel..ramjattan must call a press conference with his favorite press sn and kn and tell the nation the truth..ramjattan must tell this nation if its true or false that his buddies never got the contract to build the specialty hospital..why is ramjattan so bitter against progress that will benefit all guyanese..
    ramjattan must address the nation on what action he took against his AFC comrade buddy Nigel Hughes for instigating the atrocity on Agricola Public Road where innocent citizens of Guyana were beaten injured robbed and sexually molested..sure ramjattan must have known that some of the very people that this atrocity were perpetrated against voted for AFC..forget this APNU thing::Its a joke…where none is laughing…citizens are serious because they know its PNC


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