Losing their mom for Mother’s Day: Triplets tell their story

    The triplets, Jenepher, Jescia and Johanna Pensammy

    Mother’s Day is that time of the year when persons show appreciation for their mothers or persons they consider a mother but for those without a mother, it is a challenge on emotions.

    This is the case for triplets, Jenepher, Jescia and Johanna Pensammy, who lost their mother, Amedia Backus, two weeks ago. Today, Mother’s Day, will be their first without her.

    Speaking with Inews, the three 11-year-olds said that they were very close to their mother since they did not have a good relationship with their father. The triplets, rocking in a hammock as they spoke to this publication, in a sombre tone, said that it has only been two weeks since they attended their mother’s funeral and the reality that they are now without her is emotionally wrecking.

    The triplets, Jenepher, Jescia and Johanna Pensammy

    With tears in their eyes, the girls questioned their dead mother as to why she had to leave them. The girls, of Canefield, East Canje, Berbice, told Inews that the road ahead will be challenging but at this moment in time, they cannot focus so far as they are simply trying to get through their grief one day at a time for now.

    As of now, the girls said that they are keeping their mother in their thoughts on Mother’s Day, adding that her memories will guide and be with them for the rest of their lives. The triplets told this publication that the reality of anything else is too monumental for them to talk about presently, saying that they are finding it difficult to confront the reality of “Mother’s Day without mom”.

    The girls have two other siblings – one older and one younger. As they spoke with this publication, Jenepher, the quietest but considered the most responsible; Jescia, considered the bully and Johanna, who is very persuasive but strong-headed, all wanted another Mother’s Day with their mother.

    Now they have to depend on each other as none of them is old enough to take on that motherly role, forcing them to stare reality straight in the face. One of the triplets said that the loss of a mother and, more so, days before Mother’s Day, cannot be described in words. For now, the girls are staying with a neighbour as they try to build a relationship with their father who also lives nearby.






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