Longstanding member resigns from PNC/R

Dave Danny Jr
Dave Danny Jr

Longstanding member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Dave Danny Jr has resigned, citing many downfalls of the current government.

His resignation marks the end of three generations of commitment and dedication by his bloodline to the party. Both his father and grandfather were regarded party stalwarts.

According to Danny Jr, his exit from the party is because of the many failed promises of the PNC/R – which is the largest party in the coalition government.

“I had high hopes that the government would deliver the promises made in its manifesto. Instead, youths were sidelined, persons that never fought on the battlefront parachuted their way into prominent positions. Ministers wantonly increased their salary without performance evaluation…,” Danny Jr stated in his resignation, which was prerecorded and circulated on social media last night.

“Sad to say small businesses are struggling to survive, many businessmen would have had their overdraft closed, and are basically trying to scramble to survive using their savings to get by.”

“The business community is well discomforted by the many blackouts as well as citizens. My brothers and sisters, persons homes are being foreclosed, thousands lost their jobs, escalating crime situations is eating away like cancer and the constitution is being violated while Guyana is suffering,” he stated.

Danny Jr further expressed that “it saddens me to say the PNC I knew is seemingly allowing wickedness to prevail. The root of their denial and arrogance stems from their disconnection from society.”

He added that “I know that there are many in the PNC including card holders and supporters outside who are also displeased with the party and by extension the performance in government.”