Local Gov’t Minister dodges question on his absence at last sitting of Nat’l Assembly

L - R: Ministers Ganga Persaud and Norman Whittaker.
L – R: Ministers Ganga Persaud and Norman Whittaker.

Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud today refused to provide an answer as to why he was absent at the last sitting of the National Assembly, when the four local government Bills were up for debate.

The question was posed to the Minister today by iNews during a press conference. “I was absent and that reason is best known to me and I don’t want to share it with you,” Persaud said.

Persaud nor his junior Minister, Norman Whittaker were present at the last sitting of the National Assembly when the Bills were called.

At the press conference today, Persaud reiterated the government’s commitment to the holding of the elections, despite the fact that the government parliamentarians refused to debate the four Bills during the last two sessions of the National Assembly.

However, according to the Minister, the Bills are likely to be debated tomorrow, Wednesday August 7, providing that the parliamentary opposition does not seek to change the sequence of the order paper.

Persaud also noted that these Bills do not have any bearing on the holding of local government elections this year.



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