Local Gov’t Elections is now a dream – Mayor Green

Mayor Hamilton Green.

City Mayor Hamilton Green says the Government’s decision to not debate the four local Government bills is a sad and sorry situation.

Speaking at press conference today the Mayor says he is hopeful that when parliament resumes of August 7 the four bills will be debated.

According to the Mayor, every democratic society should hold Local Government elections and the fact that these elections have not been held since 1994, Guyanese are being denied their right.

It is his opinion that Local Government elections, is now a dream.

Meanwhile APNU’s Member of Parliament Ronald Bulkan says there is chaos and disorder within the local Government system.

Bulkan says Local Government Elections is not a favour being asked by the opposition or the Citizens of Guyana. It is also his view that Government wants to dominate and trample on the rights of citizens. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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