Local company launches Double ‘A’ Protection condoms


A+A Marketing Company Incorporated – a Guyanese-owned company – today launched their Double “A” Protection Condoms.

The product is packaged in a combination box, comprising of three lubricated latex condoms, one wipe, one lubricant and one disposable pack, created by the A+A Marketing Company.

The product is being manufactured by Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co. Limited in China for A+A Marketing Company of Liliendaal, Georgetown.

“Designed to explore healthier sexual behaviour and recognise nondiscrimination of sexual orientation in the expression and demonstration of love in modern-day Guyana,” the company noted in a press statement.

“The product will also enhance sexual practice between consenting adults. But moreover, serve to endorse Millennium Development Goal Six in combatting HIV/AIDS and Millennium Development Goal Three to promote gender equality and empower women,” the company added.

The official launch of the product was held today during a simple ceremony at the SleepInn Hotel on Church Street, Georgetown.

The Promotions Director Miguel [only name], explained that the idea for the product was birthed by their team of thinktanks and the company decided to go forward with the production of the product, which has been in development for eight months.

“Sex happens everyday and of course because sex happens every day, it’s like a necessity now. Of course, you know, food, clothing, shelter becomes a necessity and I believe that because sex happens every day, it’s a necessity,” he stated.

Miguel said the company has already been approached by two international markets that are not only interested in the product, but also its franchise.

“It’s our vision for 2022 to set up a local condom plant here in Guyana because of course it’s a way of creating jobs and also based on what the Government is doing for introduction of manufacturing locally, we are looking at doing that,” he said.

In the nearer future, he said the company intends to distribute female condoms as well as hand sanitisers.