Lindener fined $57,500 for traffic violations


A Lindener was fined a total of $57,500 by Magistrate Clive Nurse when he appeared at the Linden Magistrates Court to answer to two separate traffic violations.

trafficWilliam Bob was charged for the offences of breach of insurance and failure to wear seat belt.

The court heard that he committed the offences on Saturday February, 13 at Greenheart Street, Mackenzie, Linden. At the time, Bob was driving motor car PSS 923 for which a policy of insurance was not in force.

He was fined $50,000 by Magistrate Nurse for this offence, while he was fined $7,500 for failure to wear seat belt.



  1. Those are the” fried rice ” police everyday they looking for free meal and some change to buy some groceries for the children mother -this is Burnham days come back again and remember Floyd has nothing to give so fried rice police will look to singh and balram for the prox.

  2. Lindener fined $57,500 for traffic violations
    Yall sure he is a Lindener?
    Why I asking?
    I see Linden mini busses just buzz by overtaking other vehicles with police standing right there with their radar guns but hey guess who gets the shake down?
    Ravi Singh or Rampersaud does get pull over for driving 1km over the speed limit.
    The traffic copper knows that wont stand up in court but they do it to frustrate you – once you dont pay them a bribe they tell you drive to the station- make you sit there all day- then their buddy copper will come and ask you what you doing here- then when you say officer so so orso ordered you to come here. the copper will tell you that man or woman deh pon stupidness and they done gone home..go long yuh way yeah…you day done wasted..


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