Linden man, hundreds more found alive; were said to be dead

Glendon Boodhoo

10681968_751114868287191_1369718938_n[] – A 22 – year – old Linden man was forced to attend a public hearing to prove that he is alive after being objected to as being dead on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Preliminary List of Electors (PLE).

Glendon Boodhoo contacted iNews yesterday in a very upset tone to relate what he said was a very distressing nightmare.

The man claimed he received a letter, which he showed iNews, at his 220 Damon Avenue, Linden residence informing him that a public hearing will be held on 06/09/2014 to determine whether he was dead or alive.

He said he was objected to as being dead by a People’s Progressive Party Scrutineer, Patrick R. Dindyal.

“When I receive the letter I felt very bad to see people saying I’m dead and I’m alive. I wanted to know if they have proof that I’m dead… even my mother vex,” he related.

Glendon Boodhoo
Glendon Boodhoo

Boodhoo said when he arrived at the public hearing and presented himself, Dindyal continued to object that ‘Glendon Boodhoo’ was dead; suggesting that he was an imposter.

“Anyways my mother start to quarrel and then they called me in a room and said they were sorry for the mistake and it was the PPP,” he said; adding that “and he sitting there with his face serious serious.”

The young construction worker claimed he has always been living at the same address where he was also registered and could not understand how such a mistake could have occurred.

He told iNews that there were more than a hundred more persons at the hearing who were objected to as dead but are alive.

The PPP has claimed that its field staff found some 2958 dead persons on the PLE.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee says his Party will not rest until the hundreds of dead persons which it has objected to on the PLE are removed.

He said it is a well-known fact that persons have voted for dead citizens in the past; something the PPP will not want to see repeated.

The Opposition –APNU – claims that the PPP is making these objections in their traditional strongholds; a move they believe is directed to disenfranchising their supporters.




  1. Jon thought Sharma Solomon was of Indian descent, so why couldn’t the PPP checkers not think Boodhoo was of Indian descent until he showed up and they still called him an imposter? The name didn’t match the appearance as far as the PPP folks were concerned.

  2. A suggestion to minimize the mistakes to conclude that a person is dead or should not be on the PLE.We all agree that this type of information comes from the scrutineer of each Party.These people are being relied upon to provide accurate results to their Party.Instead,they are creating more confusion and uncertainty.Can the COP check to see if there is any legislation under which these people can be charged for providing false information?If this does not materialize,then maybe,these scrutineers should be tied to a post near Bourda and Stabroek markets and people should be allowed to throw rotten eggs and tomato at them for one hour for each piece of incorrect information they submit to their Party.Surely,there would not be any cry of brutality.

  3. if this gentleman is really boodhoo as he claims he is just one of the hundreds who were reportedly summoned to the meeting to prove they are alive. where are the others? where is the tape of the alleged meeting?where was the meeting held? who organized the meeting,gecom or apnu? a few mistakes does not nullify the claim that thousands of dead people are on the list. I think meetings like these should be held across the country given the propensity of the pnc now called to devise ingenious ways of rigging elections.

  4. And who are you jon to state that, and I quote “I am sure you will agree that you are not as important as a dead Arthur Chung”. Your arrogance is appaling.

  5. I wonder if I dead last voting Address is 18 Durban st lodge some body check see if keith Marks on that list.caused I live in TNT

  6. Don’t feel bad Mr Boodhoo. I always harbour the thought that Mr Sharma Soloman is of Indian descent. Now that you prove that you are you with adequate indentification, just move on and don’t make an ignorant scene. Arthur Chung’s name and who was dead a long time ago also appears on the voters list. I am sure you will agree that you are not as important as a dead Arthur Chung.
    A clean voters list is the ultimate goal.


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