Linden fatal beating: Suspect turns himself over to police

Wanted suspect Travis Hazel, 31, called “fifty” a Silvercity, Wismar, Linden, who allegedly murdered Lerron Barron on Friday last has since turned himself over to the Mackenzie Police Station.
His mother, Debra Gilkes took him in.
However, this publication was informed that the suspect has since been advised by his lawyer to not give a statement to the Police.
Confrontation with witnesses of the beating is reportedly expected to be done today.
Barron, 55, unemployed of 59 Old Kara Kara Mackenzie, Linden was killed at about 11:00h at Co-op Crescent, Mackenzie.
According to the police, their initial investigation revealed that Barron who was known to do odd jobs around the Mackenzie Market and the suspect had an argument during which the suspect allegedly armed himself with a piece of wood and gave the victim a severe beating after which he fled the scene.
The victim was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex in an unconscious state and was pronounced dead on arrival.
His autopsy gave the cause his death as brain haemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head.


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