Linden businesswoman robbed of cash at gunpoint


A 46-year-old businesswoman of Proctor Road, Kara-Kara, Linden was last evening robbed at gunpoint after two bandits smashed her car windows and one of them held her young daughter at knifepoint.

The incident occurred sometime around 19:55h. The bandits, one armed with a gun and the other with a knife, escaped with the woman’s handbag valued $25,000 which contained $350,000 and US$300.

Investigations revealed that the woman operates a business – J & R Elite Variety Store which is located on Republic Avenue, Mackenzie Linden – and on Saturday, she closed-up at about 19:10h and left with her 12-year-old daughter in her vehicle, PYY 8820.

After making a few stops, the woman headed home and while in the street approaching her residence, she observed a tall, slim-built male dressed in a light-coloured long sleeve shirt, dark-coloured pants, wearing a light-coloured toque with the eye part cut out covering his entire face, and his hair was short and black, sporting dreadlocks, dark brown in complexion. He was accompanied by a short, slim-built male who was dressed in a black long sleeve jersey, long black jeans with a black cloth covering his entire face where only his eyes were visible.

The two men began walking toward her vehicle, which arouse the woman’s suspicion and she immediately locked her vehicle.

The tall suspect began knocking on the driver’s side window. Realising that the men were trying to rob her, the woman frantically sounded her vehicle horn and reversed out of the street while the male suspect was holding onto her door handle.

However, she hit a culvert which caused her vehicle to come to a halt and the suspect to fall into the drain.

The second suspect then went to the vehicle’s driver-side door and began to bang continuously on the window with a black handgun resulting in the glass shattering. He then opened the door from the inside and pointed the gun to the woman’s face, saying “pass de money”.

By this time, the suspect who fell into the drain came out and started to hit on the front passenger side door window with a brick, also shattering it. He then pointed a knife to the 12-year-old child’s face, waving it.

The woman became fearful for the safety of herself and her daughter, hence she handed over her black handbag containing her money to the suspect.

The two men grabbed her handbag and made good their escape on foot down the street.

The police were immediately summoned and while canvassing the area in the vicinity of Cinderella City, ranks saw two males fitting the description given by the businesswoman.

But upon seeing the police vehicle, the two suspects managed to evade the police by escaping through a dark alleyway.

CCTV footage was extracted from the victim’s security cameras and is being reviewed by investigators.