Letter: The Government sets its own agenda, not the PNC Opposition!

The Dr Irfaan Ali-led Cabinet

Dear Editor,

March 2020 has been a watershed year for Guyana in more ways than one, first, it represented a restoration of democracy and secondly, it represents the commencement of a period of progress and development. This has not gone down well with the naysayers in the main PNC Opposition and as such, they have embarked on a programme of obstructionist politics.

Everything and every plan or policy of the Government has become a bother for them, so they proceed with that mindset ever since, looking in at every possibility where they can bring the Government down, but this spiteful venture has and will not succeed. It has caused them great embarrassment since but they persist.

Now, progress and development are terms we would like to hear because it tells us that our country is on the right path and a successful tomorrow looms ahead as a beacon of hope. This is something we all agree should be embraced; however, the PNC and their obstructionist policies have been left out in the cold, dumbfounded, and bewildered at the progress and development blazed by a PPP/C Government. So they are now in a frantic rush to see how they can stem the tide.

We are looking at the upward movement in infrastructure, health, and prudent fiscal management of our country. There is an undeniable truth that progress has been made in all facets of the economy, there has been an upward trajectory never to return to the backwardness of the last 5 years and 5 months of PNC Rule.

Even the seemingly lone area of agriculture – sugar in particular – which they have pronounced dead and buried is also on the upswing. As a consequence, there is a mad rush to make the Government appear in a derogatory light. The assault has begun, in a last-ditch effort to gain relevance, the PNC is trying to gain public attention by holding the Government in a parliamentary debate on the insurance particulars in the event of an oil spill. Now what do they hope to achieve by this motion? Since when has the PNC a conscience as it relates to people development and national issues? Have they suddenly been reformed, if there ever was a possibility of that taking place? These are searching questions to which we seek answers.

What we do know this motion filed by the Opposition will turn out to be nothing more than a useless argument that will not go anywhere. For starters, the Opposition is ill-equipped and ill-informed to debate on any matter pertaining to oil, reasons being, much of what will be said is based on hearsay, something that is not sensible nor is it admissible on a technical matter such as oil. Empirical data would have to be relied on, another area the PNC is totally bereft of. In essence, it would turn out to be an eddying discussion or much ado about nothing.

Their motive is clear, that is, stage as many holdups on Government policies for as long as they possibly can with these mindless debates. They are prepared to put up roadblocks on all areas of our development wherever the opportunity presents itself.

However, before the shouting match begins, there remains one pertinent question, can the Opposition give us a cogent update as to the whereabouts of our first oil money; I am talking about every last $18 million US Signing bonus of it! We will not rest while our sovereign wealth goes unanswered and unaccounted for.

Finally, we would like the PNC Opposition to know, that it is the Government of Guyana who sets the agenda and not the other way round. So far, they are doing a fine job, their plans and policies are set and timelines honoured. As a consequence, we the people respect this transparency and to whom we give our unstinted support.

Neil Adams