LETTER: The current use of State resources is beyond brazen


Dear Editor,

The old adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ has taken on a new level of prominence and significance in the context of the political ‘goings on’ in Guyana. The entire Guyanese community at home and aboard are now able to compare and contrast and make conclusive findings on the real versus the counterfeit, the sincere versus the hypocrite, political grandstanding versus reasonable and rational behavior. The swift move by the Leader of the Opposition and other parties (outside of government) through their  lawyers to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) for a full and final determination of the validity of the no-confidence motion is sufficient proof of keeping good faith with the commitments made to the people of Guyana.

This action is a clear indication that there is no intention on the part of the PPPC to hold the people of Guyana in a protracted period of uncertainty and fear but is a clear indication of our belief in the democratic process and that this issue should be resolved by the people of Guyana when they go to the polls earliest.

We, the PPPC, respected the ruling of the Speaker on the 21st December 2018, we respected the ruling of the Chief Justice on 31st January 2019, we respect the the2-1 decision of the Guyana Court of Appeal on 22nd March 2019, even though this decision was adverse to our cause and we look forward to a swift fair and binding ruling from the external review court, the CCJ.

It is hoped that politics or any other consideration outside of the law will have no bearing on the determination of this matter. While local senior APNU/AFC officials have been boasting in private and in special circles of their ability to influence the outcome of this court, it is our belief that this is an opportunity for the distinguished members of this court to ensure the scales of justice are balanced.

Many are disappointed with the utterances that are coming from the Granger administration; it is worrying to believe that such recklessness exists among elected officials.

Parliament should not be reconvened more so if the intention is to pass supplementary papers to further fund the APNU/AFC election campaign. The current use of state resources is beyond brazen, the green and yellow is omnipresent in all ‘government’ outreaches and events, the lack of concern for the partisan appearance of government events raises the specter of  a paramount PNC party in our country once again.

After all the legal luminaries have their say at the CCJ, we will one way or the other end up in the hands of our nation’s highest decision making body; the People; and there will be a definitive ruling.

Yours Truly

Bishop Juan A. Edghill




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