Letter: Some car dealers have a part to play in the road carnage

Dear Editor,
The recent No.59 road fatalities are horrifying in the latest of senseless deaths. I would appreciate from the Authorities some answers on the following;
Daily we see unsafe roads, lack of signage, lighting in dangerous areas etc. What is being being done to address these and protect the lives of our citizens?
Many used car dealers purchase cars which are written off from insurance companies for one reason or the other. Many of these are vehicles that have lost their safety ability to withstand collisions having already been in an accident, some with repaired chassis.
It has been brought to my attention that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is conducting inspections as it relates to this development but, are there any specific checks being done to ascertain the history of these vehicles, to verify if they can withstand scrutiny and be considered safe for passenger use?
I would also suggest that the families of the victims, seek redress from car dealers if full disclosures were not made, especially if the severity of the accident could have been reduced had the car been road worthy. This will ensure that people’s lives are placed before profits when Dealers import vehicles.
I would appreciate a statement from the relevant authorities of these Departments if the Editor chooses to publish this letter.
With regards,
Roy Beepat
Chairman Giftland Group


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